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There are a variety of ways you can support Bookfeeding projects; Donating books, school supplies, funding, perhaps volunteering at one of our libraries, or even helping us with transport of already donated books. However it is you would like to assist us, your kindness is greatly appreciated.

This is a non-profit based initiative and we promise 100% of all donations are spent entirely on our projects. We all work for free!

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In our project we aim to promote sustainability and protect environment. Do you have any unwanted, dust-collecting books in your attic?

You can organize a book collection and fundraising events and send them yourself! How?

Donation addresses.

Are you great with Twitter account or would you like to teach children how to read? Whether you want to help from home or volunteer in the field, you can definitely join our team! Check our current volunteering positions for more info or simply drop us a line!

Want to become a volunteer?

Current projects.

If you don‘t have old books, maybe you have friends who do or maybe you just know somebody who is about to visit Madagascar? Help us by promoting our website, Facebook or Twitter page.
If you would like to join our BookFeeding network let us know!