All ready to start off in Ghana!

21/06 2015  Ghana

10 days before our arrival in Ghana, everything is ready!

Boxes on their way to Ghana! Children's books donated by families in France! I hope this fits in our suitcase! :)

Akwaaba! These last few months have meant lots work towards the library: contacting nurseries, placing collection boxes all over Barcelona, creating and distributing leaflets in libraries, etc. In both Barcelona (Spain) and St-Germain-en-Laye (France) families have been generously donating old books for our project. Luckily, all this work has brought its profit, and we couldn't be happier!

At this day, we have collected 3 XL boxes full of books which have been sent to Offinso, along with 50k of books packed in two suitcases which we will bring personally. Not bad for a start!

This means that even before we have a physical place to put the books, the children will already have access to hundreds of them! They will, however, have to be patient and help (as the Kenyan helpers did!) if they want to be able to read this books in a library!

From what I've heard, Zacchaeus (the school director) and the children are already counting down the days before our arrival, so I think they might be as excited as we are to start with this new addition to the Bookfeeding Projects!

If you want to help build the library or send more books, please feel free to check our Donate tab. Remember that you can help in many ways: by giving money, donating books, offering your time or spreading the word!