Sorting, packing and preparing books for Kenya

03/07 2015  Kenya

Over 60boxes full of amazing books are now ready to be shipped to two of our libraries in Kenya. Read the story how we came to such a great donation!

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Recently there was an article published about our achievements in Kenya in local Aberdeen newspapers. We were lucky enough that people who often volunteer at Books Abroad, a charity based in Rhynie not that far from Aberdeen read the article and decided to help us!

Books Abroad is a charity that collects books and ships them to various projects, schools and libraries around the world. They agreed to donate two pallets - each containing 30 boxes (total weight is over 1000kg) and soon they will be on their way to Mombasa, Kenya.

On multiple occasion group of our volunteers went to Rhynie to the warehouse to pack and prepare the boxes. We took with us all the books that were donated at our collection point in Aberdeen and boxed them up or swapped them for different books. Now we just need to finish some paperwork and all is ready!

And where the books will go? All will be sent to Mombasa port from where half of the books will be transported to our already existing library in Koguta and other half will be used to fill library in Likoni which we will start building with the help of Kipepeo Foundation this September.