Maya about her 10 weeks volunteering experience

15/09 2015  Madagascar

Maya is a volunteer who found out about our project via HelpX website and contacted us through email. At the end she stayed long 10weeks in the small village, where our library is located. She kindly wrote few words about her experience there.

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"I stayed in Ambohitrakely for 2.5 months volunteering at the library and had an amazing time. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived as the conditions were a bit rudimentary, however, it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. The villagers were lovely and helped make the place feel like home. The village kids often came during library time to draw instead of read but I believe that just the exposure of a culture different than their own can broaden their minds and plant the seeds of curiosity. Often times, I held separate tutoring hours to teach English to some of the interested adults. I, myself, learned a lot during my time spent in Ambohitrakely. I was completely isolated from my own culture and the outside world since there was no Internet (let alone electricity!) and was forced to do many things their way (cooking, cleaning, washing, etc.) which is a great way to immerse yourself in a different culture and experience a different way of life. In this way I believe that the project can benefit both the village and the volunteer. I was very sad to leave the village as many of the people had become like family to me. I cooked for them sometimes and they cooked for me as well and they always invited me to outings and events in the nearby villages. We were able to share a deep connection without sharing the same language. Overall, I had an amazing time in Ambohitrakely and I hope to visit some time again in the future and many thanks to all those who donated books and supplies to the library!"