More volunteers in Madagascar

14/05 2016  Madagascar

For the past three months David and Aurelie were helping the locals to improve the management of our library, they organized number of workshops for children and had a lots of fun. To see more photos or the article in French you can read it at the website bellow.

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To see more photos or the article in French you can read it at the website bellow.

We just left our little home town. Departure is a little hard, tears flowed, difficult to leave the kids behind us especially those most affected us. After more than two intense months, with many many varied encounters and emotions, we are a little tired, the few days vacation to visit Madagascar will be good.

What about after these two enormous months, titanic should I say.

Thank you, first of all thank you, that's clear. Thank you to the universe, to the wonderful children, residents of Ambohitrakely and villages in the area. it has not been easy every day, the blues, big capricious tantrums sometimes egos shoved it hard, hard work, thank you also for that.

Let's recap a bit our volunteering for the library, Aurélie has really done a lot for the Library, tireless Aurelie, who slaughters such Ganesh all obstacles, never short of ideas and projects.

Daily management of the library: cleaning, storage, loan, registration of new books, small posters of the library rules and French-Malagasy vocabulary, anti-insect treatment planks and ceilings, roof diagnostic (many leaks, work will be undertaken by the owner of the building)

debriefing of our volunteering at the small library of Ambohitrakely Tell the library: meeting with principals and other leaders of seven schools around the village, primary schools Antokomar and Soavinimerina, 2 high schools of Mahitsy (public and Catholic), the college of Mahitsy, the small Univesité millennium (1 class) very friendly and the small multi-class school of Merinavaratre. Many were not aware of the existence of the library, they circulated the info. Aurélie achieve a beautiful poster to publicize the library, we stuck around, the result of all that: An influx of new visitors, in two months there have been borrowing more than the last two years.

Many small recreational and creative activities: Outdoor games, small workshops modeling with clay, Puppet workshop with fabrics, paper mache, avocado pits and other small gnarled roots ...., decoration and painting on the walls, filmed and recorded choir (with, among others, Padam-padam, la vie en rose, foule sentimentale, Gaston y-a l'téléphon qui son, non rien de rien, tout le monde y pense......) Theater play from the small Malagasy tale Zebulon zebu

Many courses in groups with very attaching students (toddlers surrounding villages) and almost entire classes as the first C Mahitsy, the 3rd class Andranovaky, and the first of Mérinavaratre. We note the memorable arrival of the first C; came together, 21 in a pick-up (sorry we did not have time to get out the camera), and then two French courses at the university Millenium, with the base of engaged poetry of Paul Eluard and debate on capitalism. And also many tutoring French and math, to Pastor René, Pascaline, Odilon, Nadia, Rinah, Ando, Kanto etc ... It was really good moments.

Weeding the garden and planting of manioc and pineapple (thirty feet) and a banana plant that we had to bring Ms. Bine, thank you so much for this beautiful present. Were germinated a papaya tree and lawyers cores well as jackfruits. those are in the expert hands of Mrs. Robine and Mr. Gabriel waiting to be planted. Long live all these wonderful trees.

so much for our volunteering at the library.

It was really great, all these meetings and these people so touching, life is not easy in Madagascar, with the advent of capitalism, society is shaken. They are faced with a lot of heart and energy, even if the system is corrupt. It's hard to see them rather disarmed. Thank you to everyone, Madagascar bright, long life to this beautiful culture, hoping for an evolution towards ever more light.