First car ever arrives to Kargyak

09/11 2016  Kargyak

''There is no such thing as Impossible, as even the word itself says I m possible.'' (A.Hepburn)

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The first EVER car has reached the village in Kargyak! Our smallest library is in the Himalaya mountains, in Kashmir state in North India. This area is only accessible few months in a year due to severe weather winter conditions that block the way. Because of the mountains surrounding the area, until now, all visitors could only access the village on foot or the horseback or with the help of yaks. However this might slowly be changing! We have had a rare visitors and this small group of travellers managed to get to Kargyak for the first time by car! As you can imagine, hike at this attitude for 2 days with all your things and bags and bring books on top is very challenging. Books are very heavy and the best and most educational books such as encyclopedias and atlases weight twice as much. Therefore we are very happy to hear about this news! Next time someone passes by this region we shall try to load it with books :)