Planning your summer holidays? Get inspired by our volunteer's story!

09/05 2019  Madagascar

Rosa and Emilia spent few weeks at our library. They got to know about our library through another volunteer, who visited us few years ago. We are happy that those experiences are positive and hope more people will come to experience them.

jj io

We were at the library for three weeks in february. These three weeks were amazing and unforgettable. We opened the library almost every day and kept it open for 2-3 hours. We played games with the kids, read books, teached english to the kids. Life in the village was very simple and very different from where we come. People there were very friendly and happy. Always if we had any problems, we got help. We didn't have any common language with the people in villages, because almost no one spoke english. But that wasn't a problem, Pascaline helped us a lot. We visited the local school and that was a very interesting experience. We followed the teaching and we gave the students schoolstuff. Thank you all for letting us stay in your village and sharing this experience with us. Especially Pascaline - she is the most amazing girl. She helped us a lot with everything with a big heart. We can recommend this experience to everyone, who are interested in volunteering.