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Sénégal Fora Diawara Bookfeeding

Senegal Sénégal Fora Diawara Bookfeeding

Our next library project will be in Fora Diawara in Sénégal.

Languages: French, Pulaar, Soninke, Wolof Open project.
Kanyama Zambia Bookfeeding

Zambia Kanyama Zambia Bookfeeding

Kanyama Library was officialy open in the September 2017 and is a result of a hard work of the local community, Italian NGO Africa Call and Bookfeeding Project. At the moment we are trying to collect books in English and Chinyanja for children and youth so we can open this library with full shelves. The Zambian Government should provide for school books. That's why we are looking for fiction books, specially for teenagers, and even for dictionaries, atlas and history books.

Languages: English, Chinyanja Open project.
Madagascar Mobile Library

Madagascar Madagascar Mobile Library

The Madagascar Mobile Library is a traveling library & program that supports the establishment of libraries as engines of development and social change. Together, we find “locally relevant solutions, often built on ‘hybrids’ that mix local traditions with ‘modern’ best practices.”

Languages: English, French, Malagasy Open project.
Lebanon Majdal Anjar Bookfeeding

Lebanon Lebanon Majdal Anjar Bookfeeding

Majdal Anjar is a a village in the Beqaa Valley, in the easternmost region of Lebanon. Despite its vicinity to the Syrian border, it is a peaceful village with a long tradition of inter-marriages between Lebanese and Syrian families. After the beginning of the war in Syria in 2011, Majdal Anjar became the rescue net for thousands of people fleeing the conflict, bringing the Syrian population to 22,000 individuals.

Languages: Arabic (advanced), English (basic) Open project.
Tanzania Ukonga Bookfeeding

Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania Ukonga Bookfeeding

Just a month before the end of 2016, Bookfeeding has received an application for a library in this community. We saw that the members were already hard working, having established a basketball teams with local children and youth. Sport is a good way to keep fit, be kept of the street and keep one occupied however education is important for one does not stay young forever. We valued that the community also saw this as an important missing link, in order to bring up strong civil society with future prospects.

Languages: Swahili, English Open project.
Nigeria Mbu Bookfeeding

Nigeria Nigeria Mbu Bookfeeding

One of our next library projects for 2017/2018 will be in Mbu, Nigeria. Mbu is located approximately 600 km east of Lagos, in Isi-Uzo L.G.A. of Enugu State. Chijioke Alaku explained to us how desperate the library situation at his former secondary school in Nigeria is. The building is falling apart and the few textbooks available are outdated!

Open project.
Tanzania Visiwani Bookfeeding

Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania Visiwani Bookfeeding

Viswani public library is located in the outskirts of Arusha, Tanzania's third largest city. This project was organised and build in cooperation with a lovely group of student volunteers from Taiwan and managed by our local volunteer Samson.

Languages: Swahili, English Open project.
Kenya Mombasa Bookfeeding

Kenya Kenya Mombasa Bookfeeding

This library is our second library in Kenya. It was built in cooperation with the Kipepeo Foundation, who fully sponsored the reconstruction, and Books Abroad,who assisted in providing the books.

Languages: English, Svahili Open project.
Ghana Offinso Bookfeeding

Ghana Ghana Offinso Bookfeeding

In a rural village in Ghana, Offinso, there is a school built by locals to provide education for orphans, disabled children and families with no money. It is in this school where our library is located. Before our library the community had no access to books apart from the few schoolbooks the children had in class, so the library has made a really positive impact. The library is supported by the school but open to everyone in the community of Offinso and it’s surroundings

Languages: English Open project.
Tibet Kargyak Bookfeeding

India Tibet Kargyak Bookfeeding

Kargyak is an isolated village situated in the Indian Himalayas at an altitude of 4200 m above sea level, and it is one of the last places where the original Tibetan culture still survives. Until recently there was no school in the village and the children had no other chance but either to leave for distant boarding schools or never to learn to read and write.

Languages: English, Tibetan Open project.
Kenya Koguta Bookfeeding

Kenya Kenya Koguta Bookfeeding

Our first library in Kenya was finished in April 2015. Ndori is a tiny village situated in the Koguta area near the famous lakeVictoria, in Kenya. The closest town is Sondu which is about 7km away. The closest library is about 100km away and, as most of the people in this area are farmers with only basic education, it is difficult for locals to get access to a better education and a better life. Our library is here to change that!

Languages: English, Svahili, Luo Open project.
India Tamil Nadu Bookfeeding

India India Tamil Nadu Bookfeeding

This Bookfeeding Project was started by Beatrice in 2011 after she volunteered for AID India, a Tamil Nadu-based NGO which mission is to empower socially disadvantaged people through socio-economic development programs and education.They accomplish this by providing micro credit and training in the areas of health, human rights and utilization of resources for income generation.

Languages: English, Tamil Open project.
Madagascar Bookfeeding

Madagascar Madagascar Bookfeeding

Madagascar Bookfeeding project was the third of its kind. In March 2013, after a local lady offered her building for our project, we organized the first book and money collections for Madagascar.In July of that same year we finally opened the first Bookfeeding library in Africa.

Languages: English, French, Malagasy Open project.