Madagascar Bookfeeding Project overview

Languages: English, French, Malagasy
This library has 791 books!
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Madagascar Bookfeeding project was the third of its kind. In March 2013, after a local lady offered her building for our project, we organized the first book and money collections for Madagascar.In July of that same year we finally opened the first Bookfeeding library in Africa.

Literacy rate in Madagascar is 65% ranking it 182 out of 194 countries (UNICEF). That means that 35% of the population cannot read. Although many in the country are trying to resolve this, in the past decade the literacy rate in Madagascar has declined substantially. Bringing more books to those who need them is the essential aim of this project, so as to help reverse this literacy decline.

The library has two rooms; one dedicated to bookshelves and books, and another that has been organised as a study room with tiny chairs and tables where children can learn how to read, draw and write.The library is open every day from 2pm-4pm and at the weekends.

However there are number of things that we would still like to improve in the village. Our priority now is to collect enough funds and secure government permission to bring electricity to our village. At the moment the only way children can read after 6pm is by using candles, which are not only expensive but also dangerous to have around books and libraries! Furthermore, if we manage to supply our village with electricity we can buy an old computer and teach children some basic IT knowledge which is so crucial in today's world! You can find photographs of our village and library in our Gallery.

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