Tanzania Ukonga Bookfeeding Project overview

Languages: Swahili, English
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Just a month before the end of 2016, Bookfeeding has received an application for a library in this community. We saw that the members were already hard working, having established a basketball teams with local children and youth. Sport is a good way to keep fit, be kept of the street and keep one occupied however education is important for one does not stay young forever. We valued that the community also saw this as an important missing link, in order to bring up strong civil society with future prospects.

Ukonga is a vibrant community in the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. More than 100,000 inhabitants live there especially a very promising young generation.

Ukonga Basketball Academy (UBA) is a recent informal organization that took up the challenge of inspiring this young generation. The library was a dream for UBA because its mission is to engage youngsters in basketball but moreover to guarantee that all of them will be able to fight for a brighter future. Sports pay a huge role but Education is the key.

The founder and the heart of this organization, Denis Lipiki, has donated one room of his house to transform into the Library of Ukonga, the first of the kind in the surroundings. The library will be open to the whole community and our young players will oversee it. Meanwhile they learn some skills and use the time to read or do their homework. Our aim is to reach many other people in the community and to develop workshops and study sessions within its premises.

Ukonga's newest library is located only (!) 5km away from the Julius Nyerere International airport in Dar Es Salaam. Bring your books and pay us a visit. You will love it there as much as we do. If you can't visit us personally, kindly donate your books through the Bookfeeding partners. Asanteni Sana (Thank you all very much).

Bookfeeding Ukonga
Denis Lipiki,
P.O. Box 1572,
Dar Es Salaam