Lebanon Majdal Anjar Bookfeeding Project overview

Languages: Arabic (advanced), English (basic)
Chtaura The computer room The first bookshelves The nursery for children

Majdal Anjar is a a village in the Beqaa Valley, in the easternmost region of Lebanon. Despite its vicinity to the Syrian border, it is a peaceful village with a long tradition of inter-marriages between Lebanese and Syrian families. After the beginning of the war in Syria in 2011, Majdal Anjar became the rescue net for thousands of people fleeing the conflict, bringing the Syrian population to 22,000 individuals.

Women Now for Development (http://www.women-now.org) is a non-governmental organization, the largest working to empower Syrian women. Women Now works to consolidate women's roles in Syrian communities by enhancing their social, economic and cultural participation. They focus on fighting illiteracy, boosting economic empowerment of women through courses and training, and providing support to create income generating activities. Women Now's centre in Majdal Anjar hosts courses for 200 women every month, but every day new women and children show up and join the activities.

In Majdal Anjar, the Bookfeeding Project will help to refurbish the library of Women Now for Development's centre, providing it with literature in Arabic and basic English (no religious, sexual or strongly politicized content) and computers. The centre is run by a team of energetic and goal-oriented women from all backgrounds, and it is managed by Sahar, a real presence in Majdal Anjar, who fled Damascus in 2012 and has committed herself to support of women's education.

At the moment, the centre cannot host volunteers, but they are always looking for people willing to teach courses and contribute to the set up of new training activities directed to women and children.

Have books or computers you want to donate? Do you want to improve the facilities of the centre, or provide unique courses? Reach out at lebanon@bookfeeding.org!

Jdeideh, Beirut