Kanyama Zambia Bookfeeding Project overview

Languages: English, Chinyanja
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Kanyama Library was officialy open in the September 2017 and is a result of a hard work of the local community, Italian NGO Africa Call and Bookfeeding Project. At the moment we are trying to collect books in English and Chinyanja for children and youth so we can open this library with full shelves. The Zambian Government should provide for school books. That's why we are looking for fiction books, specially for teenagers, and even for dictionaries, atlas and history books.

In a train on her journey through East and Southern Africa, our Bookfeeder Alena met an Africa Call volunteer Michaela. Alena was invited to the Shalom centre in Kanyama area in Lusaka and seeing the energy and interest in books she exchanged contacts with the organization. That was 2015. Two years later and after some changes in the management at Africa Call we were contacted by the new long-term volunteer who wanted to start where our last discussion ended. And so our new Zambian library was created.

In 2007 Africa Call Orgnisation (https://africacallzambia.wordpress.com) established Shalom Center in Kanyama compound, one of the poorest peripheral areas in Lusaka. We decided to focus our interventions on health and education of children with disabilities, who, in such a difficult social and economic context, suffer huge discrimination.
Shalom Center is composed of a school, a clinic, a physiotherapy department, a vegetable garden, a poultry and a training center, that is used for health workshops open the community. Shalom School is a community school, where fees are very low, and it counts about 850 students, from grade 1 to 12. We also have 4 classes for 53 students with special needs, daily followed by specialized teachers. However, since Africa Call promotes inclusive education to break the stigma on disability, when it is possible we include disabled children in normal classes: this year 19 special children attend normal classes.

Bookfeeding Project
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