Sénégal Fora Diawara Bookfeeding Project overview

Languages: French, Pulaar, Soninke, Wolof
This library has 300 books!
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The library is located in Senegal in a village called Fora Diawara. It is a very small village accessible by a donkey cart very near Mauritania's borders. Library is located on the school property right next to the teachers house. This ensures that our library is not only always opened, but the students and whoever wishes to read has full support at all times.

The library will support a student population of 150 and other community members including teachers in the village. AJUFD (association des jeunes unis de Fora Diawara) is responsible for management of the library where it has a Director or volunteer overseeing the day in day out operation of the library. It was built in November 2018 with the help of few bookfeeders and many locals who helped to paint, bring raw material and reconstruct the entire building.

Fora Diawara Bookfeding