Kenya Koguta Bookfeeding Project overview

Languages: English, Svahili, Luo
This library has 2654 books!
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Our first library in Kenya was finished in April 2015. Ndori is a tiny village situated in the Koguta area near the famous lakeVictoria, in Kenya. The closest town is Sondu which is about 7km away. The closest library is about 100km away and, as most of the people in this area are farmers with only basic education, it is difficult for locals to get access to a better education and a better life. Our library is here to change that!

The building for our library was donated by the brilliant Madam Tina. Our volunteer Alena flew to Kenya in April 2015 and, with money she had collected prior to her departure, she and all the amazing hard-working people in the Koguta area reconstructed, painted and decorated our first PUBLIC LIBRARY in Kenya. The library is now open to everyone, and unexpectedly people of all ages and professions are coming to borrow books or read inside of our library.

Our library is a big three-storey building. In April we finished the first floor and in October and November 2015 Alena flew to Kenya again to finish the library’s second and third floor. We built new staircases and floors, fixed the roof and plastered the walls, painted and decorated the building and even build a room for volunteers.

We are mainly looking for books for teenagers and adults in Koguta, as we have plenty children books for the time being. These books can vary between entertainment or educational material for high schools and secondary education. Books have to be in English, Swahili or Dholuo (Luo language)

Bookfeeding Project
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