Ghana Offinso Bookfeeding Project overview

Languages: English
This library has 360 books!
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In a rural village in Ghana, Offinso, there is a school built by locals to provide education for orphans, disabled children and families with no money. It is in this school where our library is located. Before our library the community had no access to books apart from the few schoolbooks the children had in class, so the library has made a really positive impact. The library is supported by the school but open to everyone in the community of Offinso and it’s surroundings

. This school was built thanks to the great efforts of Zacchaeus NderangoDonkor, a local member of the community, and the help of a now deceased European philanthropist. The school teaches around 250 children and, as it is becoming a social centre for the village, even more families profit from it. Although the ways in which the community benefits from the school are many, sadly it still struggles to find funds for new projects. Most of these children come from families with very poor financial backgrounds and would never have access to as many books as we will provide them with. Our idea is not only to provide a library but also a space where anyone can come in to read, study or spend some time. We hope that surrounded by many different books and providing the opportunity to experience new adventures and cultures will be a welcome benefit for those in the community.

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