Kenya Mombasa Bookfeeding Project overview

Languages: English, Svahili
This library has 3146 books!
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This library is our second library in Kenya. It was built in cooperation with the Kipepeo Foundation, who fully sponsored the reconstruction, and Books Abroad,who assisted in providing the books.

The library is situated in an old building of Timbwane Baptist Academy primary school, which is located in Likoni. Likoni is a very poor slum area outside of Mombasa Island.

The building was kindly donated by Timbwane Baptist Academy and the location will allow students from this school to read and study in the library during breaks, while waiting for school to start, or after the school is finished in the afternoons. It is also in a very secure location in the middle of the Academy's complex and this will prevent thieves from stealing our books and educational material from the library. Teachers and older students are also very eager and happy to volunteer in keeping this library open throughout the week.

However, as with all our other libraries, the library will be open to the public and there will be signs inviting all members of the community to come in and read. In November 2015 we received a pallet full of books (500kg) for our library. However, there is always room for more and you can send books directly here if you wish so.

Haggai Otieno
Timbwani Baptist Primary School
P.O.Box 80100-96333
Mombasa, Kenya