Tanzania Visiwani Bookfeeding Project overview

Languages: Swahili, English
This library has 540 books!
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Viswani public library is located in the outskirts of Arusha, Tanzania's third largest city. This project was organised and build in cooperation with a lovely group of student volunteers from Taiwan and managed by our local volunteer Samson.

Visiwani community is home for people from various tribes and communities and it is located in Ilboru suburbs. Arusha, the nearest big city as well as Viswani is home of the well known Masai people. Many of them have difficulties with reading and writing. Samson Justo, the responsible Bookfeeder for our library in Tanzania works hard to help the local community to achieve better education and opportunities and he often welcomes volunteers to come and help at local school and now at our library.

Primary education is compulsory in Tanzania. Tuition fee at primary schools was cancelled in 2002 and this led to a massive increase in the number of children enrolled in primary schools (the number of students almost doubled, it is around 98% as of 2014 sources). Unfortunately it was not accompanied by a proportional increase in resources. It means classrooms are overcrowded, many students have to share one book and very often they don't have their own workplace. Primary education is lead in Svahili (official language), however, secondary education is taught in English and it is often difficult for children to change from a few English lessons a week to all instructions at school in English.

Women in this community were not given equal opportunity as those few men who at least were given such opportunity. The economic condition of majority members of the community is very poor to the extent of not being able to afford better schools with libraries and laboratories.

Our library is trying to bridge the gap. We are always looking for more books and funds. Remember then you can send books directly to the library or bring them with you as a volunteer. You can also bring some Svahili books which you might buy during your travels and bring with you.

Samson Justo
Visiwani Community Library
P.O.Box 1688