Kenya Koguta Bookfeeding People at the project

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We would like you to meet the amazing people who are huge part of our library in Koguta. The building for our library here was donated by Madam Tina and therefore it is not surprising that you will often meet her children and people from her family.

So let's start with the Introduction!


Madam Tina is respected by everyone, lovely strong lady who is ready to help whenever she can. She is always smiling and always worried about the volunteers' well-being. She will cook for you and will always ask you to sit down and relax. She has many children, some of which are her own, some her sisters and some adopted. She is very generous and you can definitely say that she is the head of the household! Her husband died few years ago and since then she has to take care of the whole family herself.


Liberty (or Hope as everyone calls her) is Madam Tina's daughter. She lives at the library together with her three cute children - Popelyn, Christine and Godo. She is very nice and intelligent. Very easy to talk to and always ready to give a hand with anything that needs to be done. Very relaxed and easy-going person!


Peter is Madam Tina's son and Hope's brother. He is just about to finish his secondary school and is hoping to go to University. He loves Geography and maps and painted all the maps in the library. Also very hard-working. He was helping with anything that needed to be finished without asking and was a great helper! He is fun to be around and together with Hope are a great companions for volunteers.

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