Kenya Koguta Bookfeeding History - building the library


The library in Koguta area is situated in an old two store-building, which was originally planned to be a computer college. Unfortunately, Mr Ben Okuhamul husband of Madam Tina died and left family without the finance to finish it. The building was left alone for few years.

In 2015 our volunteer Alena found out about the story of Mr. Ben and his family through a common friend and because the building was perfect for a library decided that this will be a great place for our next project.

In the spring 2015 money and books were collected through out Scotland and England and numerous fundraising events were held in order to raise enough money to reconstruct the building. In April of the same year Alena flew to Kenya and visited Koguta area where she oversaw the construction of our first library in Kenya. Back in April we had enough finance to cover the costs of the first floor.

The plan now is to reconstruct the second floor of the building, bring electricity and bring computers donated by a Swiss company. This is planned for October 2015.

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